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Need materials for lesson on Hurricane...



My fourth grade students are reading an article in the National Geographic Explorer about hurricanes. Hurricane Katrina is an issue in the article. I wanted to know if anyone had an idea of where I can find accounts from students who were affected by Hurricane Katrina. I really want my students to have some materials that will help them understand how this issue connects to their lives.



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Hurricane Katrina

I teach 5th grade in Metairie, Louisiana which is about 12 miles from New Orleans. The children in my class were really affected by Katrina. Not like the total devastion you have seen on the news but their homes had about 1 to 3 feet of water and most are living in those dreaded "FEMA" trailers.

If you would like, I could have them write a letter to your students. I have 56 students. I think it would be good for my students to let others know of their evacuation experiences. One of my students actually stayed at a hotel during the storm and had to be evacuated during all that chaos after the storm.

Let me know and I will send you my email address through the private message section.

Mrs. Kenney

Hi Fifth Grade

I teach fifth grade in Scaramento California. Would your students like to write again? I would love to pen pal with your students. My students were so concerned about the people affected by Katrina. Our school collected 25,000 for the Red cross for Katrina.

Debbie Kenney
Bradshaw Christian School
8324 Bradshaw rd.
Sacramento, California


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Hi Debbie,
I teach at a Catholic school in Metairie, which is about 10 miles from all the devistation in New Orleans. Our school lost a building(primary) to flooding. Many of our student's homes were flooded and they are now living in FEMA trailers.

I will talk to my class on Monday about writing. Don't know if they want to write about their hurricane experiences again. They really put their heart into the other letters. But I don't see why they wouldn't want to write to your class.

My email address is: superteach113@yahoo.com. Send me your email address so I can respond to you next week.


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Letter to go back


This is Courtney, who you sent your letters to. Our class finally got to write a letter back to you and your students. We got really overwhelmed with state testing and are just now on a decline. I need an address to send the things to. Could you please write me at courtneyschultz6@yahoo.com with that information?