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Need some real advice...



Hi friends, been so sad and stressed out lately, just needed some advice. I've been subbing for a few years now and there are days where I think I'm going to be such an awesome teacher and lately I feel I'm not good enough. Looking at other teachers, they seem to know what they're doing. If I'm having doubts, is it a sign to get out (even before really started) of teaching profession? I guess the schools that I've been subbing at doesn't help the way I've been feeling, the teachers haven't been nice or friendly at all. They just look away, no smiles or anything. I said good bye to one of the teachers there and she pretend she didn't hear. I'm asian and this district is entirely caucasian, you don't think thats the problem do you? I'm just having doubts about myself. I love the children, but sometimes love just isn't enought, right? Maybe I was never meant to be a teacher.


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think about the kids

It's completely normal to have doubts before you begin teaching. Teaching is so overwhelming, with so many things to keep track of, that I think most people doubt themselves at some point. And yes, the teachers around you do make a difference in how much you enjoy the job. But as a sub, you aren't really able to deepen those connections, so I wouldn't judge your calling on the reactions of other teachers either.

What I think you need to think about is the time you are actually in the classrooms. Do you enjoy working with the kids? Are you excited to go to work in the morning? Are you constantly getting excited about new ideas for ways to teach things, and thinking about how to make your own approach better? I think those are the important things. Finding a school you love and feel comfortable at will come.

I can't speak to the racial concerns, not being at the school, but I subbed myself and I never got the best treatment either. So I hope that the teacher who snubbed you was having a rough day or something.

Just keep working with kids as much as possible. The more experience you have, the more you will know if thats where you are meant to be.


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Don't Give Up!

Don't judge your abilities on other teachers. Teacher are cold and mean to subs. You become a teacher and do not doubt yourself.

Bonnie gr. 2

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Even experienced teachers have doubts

Even expereinced teachers have doubts and concerns about their abilities. I have a recurring dresm at the end of the summer that someone will find out that I eally don't know what I am doing. I think at the beginning we think that everyone else always knows what to do and how to do it. We eventually find out that there isn't one right way. From reading these boards, you'll see that many teachers have questions about what they are doing. Good luck!


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Even after ten years of teaching, there are days where I feel, like you said, an awesome teacher and there are other days where I question everything I plan. This makes us always push ourselves to do what is best for the students. Keep up the good work!


everyone doubts once in awhile

I've been teaching over 20 years, have won awards, have a classroom filled with parent requests, and I STILL have days when I think I am not a good teacher. You know what it is called? Being human. And thank God I feel that way because the few teachers out there that think they are God's gift to teaching...aren't. I would say that 98% of my parents think I am great, but that 2% that have a problem with my methods or personality are the ones that keep me trying to do better. Sometimes they get the best of me and I come home and cry to my husband that I have to get out of this job. But sometimes they make me feel the opposite. As for treatment by the other teachers, I subbed for about 5 years while my kids were growing up and I was treated poorly by some teachers, too. I don't think teachers get that friendly with subs. It's not that they don't want to, it's just that the temporary status of the sub doesn't open itself up to many close ties with the teacher unless they know you personally. The subs in our hallway have been around for awhile, most are moms not looking for a permanent job, so we know them pretty well, but when a young sub comes in, I think we pretty much stay to ourselves just because the situation is so temporary. Make sure you are all business, though, in the classroom. If I see a sub using the classroom as a recess time, or if they have their coat on to leave before the kids even are out the door, I won't give that sub any of my time. Teaching is an all consuming job. If you feel you are being ignored, that teacher may have a hundred things on her mind that day. Even though I have a pretty good classroom, I have been coming home and putting on my pajamas before it gets dark, I am just that beat this year.


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Don't make a decision

about your career based on subbing. It has only a slight resemblence to the real thing - honest. As far as the teacher who pretended not to hear you, believe it or not, she might not have heard you. I do it all the time. In fact, sometimes I ask the question, and don't "hear" the response. My brain gets so focused if something pops up that I think about that MUST get done or whatever, and then I'll find myself apologizing and having to ask somebody to repeat themselves because I know I just missed 5 minutes of a conversation because my mind was elsewhere for a few minutes. ONe track brain :)


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been there and revisit it sometimes!

I've been teaching 18 years and I some days still have doubts about my effectivness. You are in a great place for ideas and advice. I jotted down ideas when I subbed. I got some great ideas from subbing. Subbing is nothing like the real thing. The kids are testing you more so than they would their regular teacher. I had been really impressed with some teachers and left notes to tell them I thought their class was lucky to have them because her/his personality was reflected in the class and their behavior. I had one teacher call me at home to thank me and she shared a cool program I was impressed in. Keep positive and friendly.


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I agree!! Subbing is a tough job with little thanks. I subbed for about 5 years before I got hired into a district. I even changed jobs and ran a borker/dealer investment company for a while but teaching is what I was the happiest doing. Remember you will be the teacher in a classroom that you have set up and you will know your students and you will have built a positive relationship with your students. You will not be the stranger coming in to fill the teacher's shoes. Totally different story. I imagine you are great at what you do. I agree with the poster that said maybe the teacher really didn't hear you say goodbye. After being with little ones all day you sort of lose your hearing and your mind is always preoccupied with what you still have to do before you can go home.
I tell you what I do for my subs. I leave a detailed schedule chunk by chunk and highlight my teacher manual's for them. I make every copy I can think of and write reminders on the board for the students. I always address my schedule to the sub with YOU ARE AWSOME, or YOU ARE AN ANGEL, or YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME HERE, or YOU ARE APPRECIATED SOOO MUCH. I leave $1.00 for the pop machine in the teacher's lounge and a bag of microwave popcorn as a treat. I want my subs to feel special. I work in an urban school where it is very hard to get a sub to come at all. Everybody needs warm fuzzies.
Trust yourself. Everybody has a few bad days. Well sometimes they can be a few bad weeks but it passes. ONly you know your heart and if you don't have a heart for teaching then you probably won't stay. But you sound like you have a real heart for the student's and teaching so GIRL Keep on, Keeping ON!!!! GO GET EM!!!


Everyone who heard my cries...r/o

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much. I needed that so bad & you've lifted my spirits. I'm certainly not going to let a few mean teachers break me. *sigh*


rude teachers

I'm so glad I read your message today. After subbing for a school today I came home really upset. During lunch time I sat with 2 other teachers and tried to join in their conversation. Basically my questions were answered and then I was totally ignored. I got up to speak to one of my students and when I returned to the table my dishes were slid down to another spot at the table and a teacher was in my seat. I guess they have their assigned seats or their favourite seats. Eventually, I got up and went and sat with my students.
This is not the first time nor the only school that I have been ignored at.
I can't believe how rude, snobby some of these teachers are. Are they afraid we are going to take their jobs?????
I'm leaving in a state where they say the people are warm and friendly.