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Need Suggestions - Planning Change



I was just notified that we will not be having a program that was supposed to last an hour and a half tomorrow afternoon. Being the last week of school before Christmas break, I don't want to start anything new. The children are anxious to be out of school and very active. I have a busy classroom and students with an attention span of about 20 minutes. Any suggestions for a lengthy activity, project, or other that is inexpensive, needs little materials, and is interesting. All ideas are welcome. I'm desperate. HELP!


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Social Studies activity

Something fun I do with my kids this time of year (for similar reasons) is a study of "Christmas Around the World". I have a small book with that title and I divide the class into 6-7 groups, with a different country for each group. Their duties include:
1. Read about their country
2. Make or draw something that represents the way their country celebrates Christmas.
3. Color and label a world map of their country
4. Make a "double bubble" (or venn diagram) comparing/contrasting their country with our state.
5. Present their findings to the class.


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Not sure how your school feels about movies, but I was in the same spot you were today. 2 hours to fill... We wathced Annabelle's Christmas Wish- a wonderful story about a cow who gives up her dream to be a reindeer in order to give the boy she lives with a voice. It is a tale of generosity, friendship, unselfishness and more. Anyways, our school is very big on writing, writing, writing... so we brainstormed, discussed, mapped, compared, investigated... all we could on this movie. Then the children had to write about something we talked about. Topics ranged from How the main character felt as she made her wish, gave up her wish and then later was granted her wish. Another was how Billy (the boy) felt when he received his voice and then later found out how he got it. Some children wrote about why Annabelle wanted to become a reindeer. Others related events in the movie to events in their own lives. The writing was fantastic!!! We then created a reindeer head to peek over the stories and reindeer paws holding the sides as if he was actually holding the paper. The kids have fun making these. They decorated their deers with glitter, small bells, ribbon... We had many visitors stop by to compliment us on this activity.


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We listened to the Legend of the Poinsettia and then made them. We took green and red paper. We traced our hands and cut them out. Green was the leaves, and the red was the flower. They then wrote a summary of the story, proofed it with me and copied it on index card which they attached to their poinsettia. I was surpised how much my class liked it (and how long it took).