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need to stay off this board. . .


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because tomorrow I will be thrown into reality. . . a reality so bedazzled by the uncommon core that by the time the students arrive Thursday I will be completed discombobulated. . .oh how I long to join your journey. I vote for the term "retire with rigor " or " retire like a champion" to be the new buzzword in education. Until I post again have fun and chuckle with rigor as you see the school busses driving by!!!!


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To tell the truth, lurking on this board helped me keep my sanity during my last year of teaching.

We've all been where you are now, luvtulearn, and you won 't find a kinder, more supportive group of people. <!--sunflower-->

Come back anytime! We look forward to celebrating your graduation into retired life!


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Your post makes me glad that "I retired with rigor" in June. Good luck this year. New evals, new standards, new report cards, new math curriculum - so glad they are not my concern this year.

Peaches Pears

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"retire with rigor " or " retire like a champion" to be the new buzzword in education.

Priceless! :DLOL<!--giggle-->

I think you should look into t-shirts and bumper stickers with your new buzzwords.
I bet you could make a fortune.
And even
"retire with rigor " or "retire like a champion"
After all who would have thought question written on a beach ball would become such a hot selling item?
I'm pretty sure Cunningham and Hall will have a comfortable retirement.


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21st Century Retirement Buzzwords

This made me laugh. Every time I had to throw one of those darned beach balls, I kicked myself for not thinking of it first.

Retirement buzzwords off the top of my head:

Retirement with fidelity
21st century retirement and freedom ready
Digital retirees
Project based retirement
Retirement aligned
Data-driven retirement
Retirement savvy
Retirement centered
Differentiated retirement
Higher order retirement skills
Retirement progress monitoring


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retiree group account on Teachers Pay Teacher

Should we all collectively begin an account on TPT and charge a dollar a slogan. What a great idea to
do the theme " Retirement" for a school wide theme. Peaches Pears you can be in charge of creating the bulletin boards and parker you can create the classroom discipline chart. I'll take the headers and titles. Bound to turn some heads. . . it can include an extended road trip and a never ending destination! Can you tell its my last day of freeeeedom. lololololol


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How About Retirement Daily 5?

1) Wake naturally
2) Indulge yourself (watch old movies, eat chocolate ice cream for lunch, take a nap, etc) travel or plan your next trip. . . .
3) Plan dinner with what you have and actually thaw it BEFORE 6:15 at night
4) Read, sip tea or coffee, talk on the phone
5) Take walks, go to the gym, do something healthy for yourself


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My heart goes out to you! Maybe you can keep a little more of your sanity if you continue to hang out on this board when you can!

I am wishing you a great year! Is this one your last?



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Keep in touch!

We all know what you are feeling now. I, too, checked in here my last year and received so much love and support. There were quite a few in my "pledge retirement class". We shared our hopes and fears and the elders were there for support. It's interesting that many have gone off into the horizon of happiness, but many are still here checking in from time to time. Our group is truly amazing! Positive, strong, determined, happy, supportive individuals! We'll be sending you positive energy for a great year, luvtolearn! Sorry I missed common core! (That's a lie!)


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5 more years in paradise. . .

that's where I'm going to be. But I most certainly will hang out here to enlighten you all on how the uncommon core is shaping our young minds. As for now. . . 5:30 am will be here before I know it. I'm off to narrow the achievement gap!!!


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keep in touch!

Stay strong! Retirement will be here before you know it. I love the way the retirees think with all the retirement applications to what is going on in education. I'd say that Retirees' Daily Five beats the version used in primary classrooms anyday.


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By all means continue to drop by and check in with us from time to time. You will get the greatest support from this board. Why? We've been where you are at this time in your life. Please stay in touch! Treat yourself with kindness and that includes watching what enters your thoughts. When you get low, get on this board asap! :cool:
(Former, Iamdone)


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You will make it, luvtolearn! Just make this your best year ever and remember that you don't have to sweat the small stuff! ;)


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parker's message

This is great! Love those crazy buzzwords. Am borrowing them to send a BTS message to my teacher friends.


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how about

Everyday retirement?
Luvtulearn-enjoy your "lasts" you'll be able to relax as you put that Sept. folder away for the last time. this whole website has been a blessing --when I had a class room-- and now as I have time to browse with a cup of coffee.
Have a good year!