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Needs lots of help with RW

Reading | Literature 


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I have been doing a great deal of reading on Reader's Workshop this summer and I think I do something close to it. I would like to take the leap next year and use it to its potential. I am very lucky that I don't have a specific reading program to follow, but sometimes choice isn't always great either. I have about two hours to complete reading, writing, and word study. We do use the WTW program, but I would like to focus more on greek & latin roots and prefixes and suffixes next year. I have started the last two years using CAFE for Dummies, but then I kind of lose where to go. Do you start the year right away with RW? If you use RW, would you use a mini-lesson for a cafe strategy and a mini-lesson for a reading strategy? Is there a way to combine them into one mini lesson? I still have to fit in my writing mini-lesson and word study. As you can see, I need lots of advice.


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I am going to use The Cafe more in my shared reading, independent reading and guided reading format. My reading workshop mini lessons are pulled from Growing Readers. I would take a calendar and plan out your mini lessons for one unit of study. My writing workshop mini lessons are pulled from Units of Study by Lucy Calkins.