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Negative coworker

Co-Worker Issue 


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One of the ladies on my teaching team is very negative about teaching and life. She voices her negative opinions very loudly. She states these opinions like everyone else feels the same way. She sits in the lounge and loudly complains and says mean remarks about the political party she is not a part of. Does she think we are all part of the same party? She also has so many health issues. Everyday it is a new problem. She also cannot take any kind of teasing. I am sick of working with her. I leave work depressed.


Where is it written you have to eat with her? I know it sucks but I begin by not going to the lounge when she is there. Only two things can happen, either you remove the shark from the water or remove yourself. Take away her audience and invite the other ones to eat with you in your room. You could also tell her exactly how you feel like you did this if you are willing to endure her wrath all year long. Not the ideal solution though.

Hey I wish she shut up too! Hoping next time she bites her tongue so hard she can't speak for a week. ;)


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I stopped eating lunch in the lounge for exactly those reasons.
It’s much easier to say “I’m working during lunch” and just eat a sandwich in my classroom.

Ima Teacher

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Seems like there is one in every building. Ours finally retired.

I just make sure to avoid them when possible and ignore them when I can’t.


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We have 1 like that too.

A couple of yrs ago, teachers started dividing up into groups for lunch according to friendships. It is a cliquish school. We don't have to listen to the negativity anymore. Now our lounge is usually empty.


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Negative teacher

We had one. Eventually we just ignored or stopped responding to her comments. She got the message and she was the one who stopped coming to the lunch room.


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dining alone

I haven't eaten in the teachers' lounge in over 20 years! I saw it as a den of discontent and gossip. I eat in my room an get work done. Nobody (that I know of) thinks I'm unfriendly....I just like to get work done so I don't bring as much home. <!--bluebirdnest-->


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I wish

I would love to be able to do that! I always feel so much more centered and prepared for my afternoon when I eat lunch in my room. Even if I don't have any work to get done. I can have silence and at least look through my notes. I am an introvert and having that time to myself is so nice. Unfortunately, the few times I have done this my team makes big decisions without me! I don't know if they do this on purpose, but it happened. Then they only told me part of the decision and I ended up starting with the wrong story. In the end, I did it right and they didn't. Then one of them was kinda pissy that I did it right. It was weird. I was thinking I could eat with them twice a week in the lounge and then 3 days in my room. It would also be good because we have a nosey teacher that wants to know everything about my difficult student so she can go run around the school and tell everyone what he has done lately. She bugs me so much. I tell her he is fine and wonderful now. He is not!!! They have put him on an abbreviated day because he is so difficult.