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Neighbor vent



I was driving home today after running errands and I am so irritated by what one of my neighbors did. Now I live in a big city, but the neighborhood I live in is a residential neighborhood. There are always children playing in the neighborhood. I'm a parent so I am careful and watch when I drive to see if children are in the street. I am driving down my street(the part of the street my neighbor lives on is a block from my house. Its a long street) to get to my house and she is waving at me and screaming to back up and not to drive on the street cause her kids are riding their bicycles in the middle of the street. I know it is a residential street, but I would never allow my children to ride their bikes in a street. That is what a park is for. So I just sat in my car and stared at her while she's making a scene and a complete fool of herself. She's standing directly in front of my car yelling and screaming trying to get me to back up cause her kids are playing in the street. After a few minutes when she realized I wasn't moving she got out of the street and did the f-ck you sign to me right in front of her children. What a great role model she must be to her children. Not! She is a stay at home mom and is always making trouble. I have some friends of mine that are teachers at the local elementary school where her kids go to school. My friends say she is a parent from hell. She's never happy about anything and complains to the teachers about the smallest thing you could imagine. She is also known to complain about everything in our civic organization. She's always complaining about how people's houses don't meet deed restrictions. Really the woman needs a life and needs to stop being so nosy and complaining about things that just don't matter.


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The part that makes me the most mad is that she was trying to keep you from proceeding down your street! The kids playing on their bikes should have moved, making room for you. While they were only playing, you were actually using the road; therefore, you have "right of way!"

I also don't approve of her gesture. What a moron to think that's an okay thing to do; not just in her children's presence, but in general!


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i would have asked her just where the heck she wanted you to drive? the sidewalk? the front yards? what a psycho! sounds like she thinks the world revolves around her.


What a weird-o

It takes all kinds, huh? I would think she would want to teach her kids to get out of the street, since the street is for cars, after all. I would have been tempted to tell HER to get out of the street! Good luck with that moron.


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Idiotic neighbor

Perhaps she would have preferred it if you simply sprouted wings and flew??!!! What on earth does she think streets are for? Oh wait, it's all about her, isn't it. What a nut job she is, but I suppose it takes all kinds to make the world go round.


Quite frankly ...

I would have called the cops. I would have told them there was a woman who was refusing to let people drive down the street because her kids are playing in it. I would have told them she was standing in front of people's cars, screaming at them to stop.


Go Play in Traffic

takes on a new meaning with this woman! :)