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Neighborhoods resources


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Does anyone have any good ideas or resources for teaching 2nd graders about "urban, suburban and rural" neighborhoods? Our text is pretty dry and while most kids can distinguish between urban and rural...suburbs are pretty vague. Any suggestions are welcome!


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Building Communities

Our text is dry too. As an activity- I traced different types of buildings (e.g tall apartment building, house, barn), stores (e.g. bookstore) and services (e.g. fire station). I also created signs with the word BUSY-small (not very busy-rural) medium (suburb) and very large (urban). Groups are assigned to one type of community and must select appropriate buildings, add stores and serives, as well an appropriate BUSY sign-color and paste items on a long piece of colored paper. They must then create a sign that tells what type of community they built. I'm trying this for the first time next week. I'll let you know how it goes.

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Have'n fun

We have several ideas for the urban/suburb/rural unit. One, that is planned a year in advance, is to plan one of our field trips to visit all three areas. We are lucky to live next to a moderate sized city, and by having the bus for the day we can get to downtown, stop and eat our snacks in a city park, and then drive out to an apple farm, then go to our own town hall. It is exhausting, but very worth it.
Another activity is to create a bulletin board. I give the children construction paper, and they draw and cut out farm buildings, skyscrapers, houses, cars, animals and we create a bulletin board.
This year we made a list together of the businesses in our neighborhood, and we are painting milk cartons and coloring in the signs with our markers to match them. We are going to create a model of our immediate neighborhood for Open House. I am expecting a lot of creativity as we put it together!