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New Desks HELP


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New principal wants to make my classroom "room of the future" (He really uses phrases like this - especially when addressing parent groups, parishioners, etc.). He is in the process of moving in multiple computers (at least 8 for a class of 16). They've just finished adding new electrical lines and hardwired the room for new computer server and internet connection. Also on order is a Smartboard which I can't wait to get delivered.

NOW he wants to order new "modern" desks. We currently have ancient lift-top, fixed-seat student desks that I would love to trash.

One choice is to put the computers on computer tables (we already have fairly new tables taken from old computer lab) around outside perimeter of classroom and buy more flexible seating table type desks with separate chairs - maybe trapezoid. Ok with me, but this puts kids in and out of seats between desks and computer stations - kind of an ongoing musical chairs thing.

MY brainstorm is to have some kind of shared table/desks with one computer shared by two students at table/desk which also has enough space to put an open book and have a writing surface. Maybe set up in pods around the room???

Does anyone have this kind of workstation/desk setup? Any pictures? Any other suggestions? If money was not a big problem what would you ask for? (BTW when I asked about a budget I was told not to worry about that - "we're talking about our children's future".


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My idea

I love your idea of having the kids in pods - 2 kids at a good sized table sharing a computer. That is brilliant! I would just make sure to have extra, empty tables around the room to allow for space to spread out when working with a group or on a large project.

I'm totally jealous and am fantasizing right now!


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Love your pod idea too. I agree with Mrs. B that extra tables would be great. My only question is---how would pod setup work if next year you had 17 or more students? Would they provide more computers? You will love having a 1:2 ratio of computers:kids. I've had that in previous jobs and loved it. Now I don't and hate it. Ours were set up in an area with all computers and then our rickety old desks were set up however I wanted.


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Vote for pods

I love your idea also and your plan will lend itself well to grouping students for cooperative learning. I, too, am insanely jealous of you! When it all gets set up, please post photos! :)

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Will you have any problems with outlets for the computers? If the coputers aren't around the perimeter, will you have outlets in thefloor or will you be runnign power strips and extension cords through the middle of the room?


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Fortunately, they've already re-wired my room. We had a major problem with not enough current for the building (last Christmas I plugged in ONE string of Christmas lights and blew the circuits for the whole building :eek:). They've come in and done $20,000 worth of electrical work. If I set up the pods of desks right, we should have only short runs of covered electrical lines on the floor from wall to pods. I'm meeting with the computer guy today to go through all of these things. He's not a teacher but he's willing to talk AND listen to my input.

Principal knows nothing about computers (His voice mail on his phone is full and he doesn't know how to clear it - He keeps 'losing' email from the superintendent's office - The copy machine (BizHub) is well beyond him LOL) I like the guy and he means well but we don't let him make too many computer decisions. :D


"If I set up the pods of desks right, we should have only short runs of covered electrical lines on the floor from wall to pods"

Double check to see if that would be acceptable to your fire marshall. It would not be acceptable here.


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my only concern with this is you are going to run into the issue of "my computer" or "our computer".. what happens when you have two students in the same pod who need a computer and there's one free where two students aren't using it? Will they need to move to allow the other student access? Will the other student just have to sit and wait for a computer because "his/hers" isn't available?

Personally, I'd rather set up the room with a computer area, and a learning area... put smaller desks/tables in one part of the room (perhaps in the same area as your smart board) where students would gather for instruction/lesson time.. then have the computer tables in another part of the room where students who have completed drafting/writing/planning their work can then take it to the computer to use the software there.

And let me just add, on a final note... I'm TERRIBLY jealous! We're supposed to be getting some new wiring next year.. and I"m just praying for a wireless hub in my classroom!! Eight computers would blow my mind!