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New England/East Coast Shoppers


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Hello Fellow New Englanders-
Do your stores have any of the great sales everyone has been posting about?
I have looked in both CT and PA at Target and Staples and there appear to be no Back to School sales yet.
Have you found any?

NJ Teacher

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Spotty in NY state

I have been in three Targets in Rockland and Orange counties. I did get three book bins (all they had) in the Orange county (Harriman/Monroe) Target and one red one in Nanuet, but that was all they had. I saw some grading stickers, teacher note pads and name tags, but was interested in the pointers and the pocket charts, and saw none of those. I noticed that the Target in Harriman was getting ready to stock school supplies, but no sales on those yet.


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Here in MA

All the Target stores here have everything the other posters have been talking about- pocket charts, Dr. Seuss supplies, etc. I think we have to wait for the Staples and Walmart sales for a few more weeks because our school year tends to start later than most posters.


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Fairfield County, CT

I have only found stuff in Target so far - in the dollar spot. At my Target they were starting to set up the back to school area last week. In my area the teacher appreciation day at Staples is on Aug. 22nd.