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New Hairstyle


New Hair

Hey all

I am in my mid twenties and I have hair a little longer than my shoulders. I love how girls wear their hair to the side with those long bangs. I really don't want bangs because they are a pain when you want to wear your hair back. Do any of you have any styles that look good? Or advice?

Thank you


Junior Member
I just got mine cut on Thursday and I really like it. I'm mid-twenties as well and realized that all my school yearbook pictures looked the same - hair just below the shoulders, straight and blah. My new cut is a chin length bob that has been "razored" so that it's layered. I've had stylists use scissors to layer the bottom of my hair before, but using this "razoring" technique made it much more so. It took the weight off the bottom and my straight hair has never had so much volume. Then, I asked for "angled bangs" and my stylist made sure that they were long enough that I could tuck them behind my ears. I'm hoping I look a little more stylish and sophisticated. (My students said I looked like a different person :), but I got tons of compliments Friday.) Good Luck!