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New Job



HELP!! I just found out I am starting a full time job as a first grade teacher. I will be starting next Monday. I need tips, ideas, clues as to what I will need to purchase, get ready/do, to get ready. I have no idea what the classroom already has and I don't know what the teacher will be leaving behind for me. I know it will take time to "adjust" the room to my style, etc. but could anyone tell me some things I should get/do to prepare?

Thanks so much!


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Know your curriculum. The decorations and other little things will fall into place. The biggest mistake I made coming into my job this year was not being more familiar with the curriculum. I'd never used our reading program before and it's very involved. Also, establish your dicipline/classroom management plan as soon as you walk in the door. Know exactly what you expect and what you will not tollerate and make your students aware of these things. Good luck. If you need ideas, templates, or someone to vent to, my email is HKarshner@aqs.org.

Oh, and always remember to breathe, and that tomorrow is a new day! :)


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I agree-

I taught 1st grade last year. Know your curriculum. Have some ready made lesson plans/ideas having to do with weather/seasons (winter is the 21st/22nd). Also math ideas. Basically filler ideas just in case, perhaps also a story with ideas for follow through just in case.

Is there any way to connect with the current teacher before hand? Or another 1st grade teacher at the school?

Leave room for the kids to transition to a new teacher. Decorating a card for their old teacher is always nice.

Good luck and congrats!


Call the school and see if you can get in your room and check things out. Maybe on the weekend or during their lunch time? Its hard to start in the middle of the year, I just started my job a couple months ago. I was lucky because the kids were on break for a couple days so I came in and sorted through EVERYTHING in my room. This gives you the chance to figure out where everything is, so you don't look silly asking the kids.