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New Media Specialist on the block



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Hello everyone,

I will be a new media specialist this upcoming school year. I am nervous and excited at the same time. Since I will not have an assistant, I need all the advice I can get. Please send me some feedback about different reading incentives besides AR on how to promote the reading program. Looking for creative ideas.. Thanks


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So glad to have you aboard! I'm not a media specialist, but the one at my school is amazing. She'll do book talks at our staff meeting introducing the new materials available to us. She asks teachers for recommendations on what books to purchase that will support our curriculums. She gets the kids hooked onto different series by carefully choosing her read-alouds each library class. As a classroom teacher, I much prefer that the students are excited about the actual books rather than rewards (I'm all about the intrinsic motivation!)

Hope this is helpful! And hope to see you around pro teacher a lot- it's the best place on the internet! (Be sure to visit the Lounge- it's a hoot!) <!--redrose-->


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One of the writers workshop units is opinion/persuasive writing. My class did book reviews. Our librarian pulled all the books to a special shelf and attached the reviews. The other kids liked reading the reviews and would check out the books.


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Welcome to PT! I love the idea of book reviews through the library and agree that I would much rather the kiddos were introduced to good books through the library rather than have the focus on reading incentives (unless that's mandated at the school, then go along with it).
At our school, the librarian had encouraged participation in Virginia Reader's Choice but it could be done in a similar fashion with other books. Kids had to read a certain number of books (or have them read to them) and then voted on which one they liked.
Media specialist also organized book beach bashes which were fun.


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Welcome to the field. What grade levels will you work with? The ideas posted here are great. I will be using a few myself. Twitter is also a great way to get ideas from other media specialists.

Book trailers are an excellent way to check for understanding and promote the books in your media center. When students are involved, they also gain a sense of ownership. The reward is the recognition the students get when their book trailers are published on the school website or other media.

I am fairly new to the profession as well. The previous media specialist sponsored contests on our website that were fun and successful. Examples: Use a drawing tool to create a new cover for your favorite book. Viewers voted on their favorite book cover. Upload a photo of you reading in the most unusual place(s). I plan to use these ideas soon. The book trailers and online contests can be used in any school.

Our first graders have been creating Pumpkin Book Characters for the last four years. We encourage students to use styrofoam pumpkins. I have seen similar projects using potatoes. I have also seen a Reading Fair which is similar to a Science Fair. The art teacher and I have discussed trying the Reading Fair.

I hope this is helpful. Good luck with your new position.