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New student



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I was beyond pissed today. I got a call at 11:45 that I was getting a new student (this puts me over our cap). Families were coming at 12 for an open house, and tomorrow is the first day of school. So instead of cleaning up when everyone left and getting to come home, I got to spend two hours redoing everything I have done for the past week to add another kid. You guys know how time consuming it is, and adding one more meant not only doing the labeling and getting supplies ready but redoing my bulletin boards, carpet, job chart, everything to try and figure out how to fit an extra student.:mad: I'm asking to put in a time card for that two hours - we'll see how that goes.


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Sorry. It's such a pain.

Our new students roll in constantly. I'm setting up now for 7 more than are on my roster so I'm not scrambling every time I get the dreaded notice about another new student.

What will they do about you being over your cap?


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It happens in my district all the time. I don’t spend time doing it all at once. I will add the student as I am working because I don’t have the time. We start after Labor Day and I have my class list. I know there will be students leaving and arriving by the second week of school so I just do what I can.


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That was a whole lot of work for one kid. Of course, that will make the new one not feel left out and was very kind.

At least the next new child will likely go to a different classroom unless you are the only K in your school.