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New to 5th grade. Need ideas for decorating



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I will teaching 5th grade reading this year. This is my third year teaching. My first two years were as a 7th grade inclusion teacher. I am very excited (just found out I was chosen for the teaching position yesterday) but I have no idea what types of decoration for the room would go over well for fifth grade students. I do not want it to be too "young" for them. Personally, I like sunflowers, palm trees, and frogs. Any ideas will be appreciated.



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I have pondered this as well. I was thinking of trying to go with a tropical/beachy theme. I've been buying things in a lot of bright neon colors and I'm thinking of making a trip to the party store to buy things to tape to the walls to make the room look festive and fun. Those stores are always packed with cool things you can put into your classroom.

A friend of mine is a technology resource teacher at the school I worked at previously and she decorated the lab with a "Hollywood" theme. I'm pretty sure she got everything at the party store as well.


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Fifth Graders

I always liked College-Bound themes. It's also a political year so you could go that way. Walk into any teachers' store and you'll get confused and then finally make up your mind!! Just make sure it's something catchy for both genders.


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I am doing polka dots in various colors. It is gender and grade neutral. I might add more later but I'm starting with dots.


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5th graders like to think they are all grown up, but....they are only 11. ;)

They like to be silly and goofy and they will like any theme/decorations that you like! :D


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I am also moving to 5th grade reading this year. I am doing a polka dot in bright colors theme and calling my room The Reading Spot! There is lots out there with polka dots right now.


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Travel Theme

I always do a travel theme with my class. I have a ton of ideas if you'd like some. Travel goes very well with 5th Grade curriculum too.


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5th grade theme

I taught 5th grade for 12 years--I've done afew different themes.---Hollywood, Detective, Frogs, Puzzle pieces. The favorite was probably Hollywood. I used the teachersclubhouse website.


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I have doing "spots" for three years in 5th ....At the beginning of the year, I have "This is the spot for you!" on my door,also.... "the write Spot", and a "Spotlight on learning"....


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I also teach 5th grade. Some ideas I have used in the past are Book Time Beach for my classroom library; Internet Island for my computer station. Welcome to Mrs. M's Learning Island. Hope this helps.


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I used a car/traveling theme. On the board, I put cars with their names on it. It had a street sign with my name pointing one direction and 5th grade pointing the other way. Their name tags were license plates (I found a template online). The cubbies had green street signs with their names. I found some motivational road signs(ex: work zone) at a teacher supply store and posted them around the room. It looked great!


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I'm doing a superhero theme this year with 5th graders. This is my 18th year of full time teaching and wanted to do something different.


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Thank you all for the great ideas. I have decided on a jungle theme. I am going to put "Welcome to the Jungle" on the outside wall. I saw some monkey bulletin board items and thought they were cute. I am hoping to have vines and such over different areas in the room and maybe a tree on one wall. Not sure. Going to a teacher supply store tomorrow. Hope I don't get overwhelmed.