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New to 5th grade. Need ideas for decorating



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There is a blog, schoolgirl style (found it on pinterest) that has a great jungle/animal theme that isn't gender specific. Good luck, this is also my first year teaching 5th grade.

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Travel Theme

I am doing a travel theme this year. My first year in 5th grade. All my bulletin boards and displays have something to do with traveling. Visitor Information Center - mailboxes, calendars, absentee work; Avoid Road Rage - class rules, encouraging words, stars for students to fill out on their classmates when they catch them doing something good; Scrapbook - display all student work and student of the month; Rest Area - the reading center. I also put up posters about science, math, and language arts. I bought some pencil boxes from oriental trading and I will have them paint them the first couple days of school. I also found an idea about getting some small pizza boxes from a pizza restaurant and making suitcases for students to put work in (like a time capsule). I hope it all goes great! I am in a portable so I don't have much storage space. So lots of things have to be just put up on the walls.

Who Dat

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Travel Theme Ideas

I would love to read about your travel theme. This is my first year in 5th Grade and I am doing the travel theme too. Any help would be appreciated.


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spot on

I really like that idea. This is my first time teaching grade 5, I have been in grade 3 for the past 4 years. I think this is what I might go with. Thanks for the suggestion.


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Fifth graders like EVERYTHING. I've had dogs, dots, apples, and many more. We have Peanuts right now and the kids really love it. Good luck with fifth grade.