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New to 5th Grade


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I recently graduated with my degree in Elem. Education and landed a 1/2 yr. contract teaching 5th grade (a large class was split into two classes). I am wondering how much note-taking you have your 5th grade students do, if any.

I start my second week this week and I plan to have them use a variety of graphic organizers in the subjects I teach (Reading, Social Studies, Science), but I'm not sure at this level if note-taking is a good idea or not. I am probably more familiar with 3rd and 4th grade levels, having done lots of practicum hours in those, and my student teaching in 4th.

Thanks for any tips!


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I teach fifth grade history. We do interactive notebooks.

Left side is the Learning side (L). More teacher directed.

Lecture notes (usually copied)
Basic Knowledge Questions
Reading Notes
film/video/documentary notes
small group or large group discussion
collaborative group process
a copied excerpt of a text

Right side is the Response Side (R) Student oriented

graphic organizers or mind maps
response to primary sources
Paraphrase or clarify items
drawing, photo, sketch, or magazine picture that illustrates the
concept, ideas, or facts questions about the information
Form and express an opinion
Predict outcomes or next steps
Formulate and record a contradictory perspective
Write a reflection on the information or experience
Find a quote that connects to the concept; record it and explain your rationale
Make connections between the information/text and your own life, another text, and/or the world
Create an acronym that will help you to remember the information covered
Make connections to the content/processes of other courses

I think I probably do the opposite of what many teachers do who use Interactive notebooks, but I found that putting the Learning on the left side and response on the right side is easier to remember.