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New to 6th Grade


Junior Member
I just found out that I will be teaching 6th grade Language Arts next year. I currently teach 4th grade. What are some things I need to know about 6th graders? What books are must reads in 6th? Thanks :)

Mr. Polo

New Member

I am new to 6th grade as well. So far, I have learned that 6th graders just want to have fun with their school work, but you can't let them go crazy and think they can get away w/ anything. If you don't make sure they know who is in charge, what the rules of the class are, and that they need to behave in class or consequences will follow, then they will not take you seriosly and not take their work seriosly. However, you should let them know this in a nice, friendly way. If you come at them too strict or harsh, they will most likely dread your class.
Some good books that I found my 6th graders liked were Wenny has Wings, Chasing Vermeer, The Cay, and the Hank Zipzer series.