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New to Second. Lots of misspellings! Advice, pls

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I'm new to second this year. When my students write sentences of their own, there are tons of misspellings. I encourage them to write the words as they sound and we haven't gotten too far into the idea of editing our work.

Probably parents are wondering why I haven't corrected the children's' spelling and I know enough to tell them sounding out words is an important step in the process but I wonder myself just how to handle this. I thought I might give each student a personal dictionary (nothing fancy, just lined sheets stapled in a file folder, one sheet per letter) and have them write any words they misspell and practice those words during independent work during reading groups.

I don't know. Anyone have advice for me? Any links would be appreciated!


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Small spelling dictionary

I have seen small spelling dictionaries you can print out for each child. Some of them are grade level specific. That is one idea.


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My students each have a 1 page sheet of frequently used words from Jan Richardson that they keep with them. They are supposed to use it to check 5 words each time they write. Not all do, as it is not easy for them and/or they are lazy about doing it. But, I try...

I wouldn't worry about what parents think...2nd graders are not expected to spell every single word correctly. They are 7 and just completed 1st grade. Many are still learning to read. I'd rather their thoughts come out onto paper freely then them being so focused on spelling that their ideas never make it to paper.

Their words to practice (esp. sight words) do come from their writing. For spelling, I individualize it based upon the Jan Richardson Word Inventory. So, each child is working on a different spelling pattern. Ideally, once they've worked on that pattern for a week or 2, it should show up in their writing. Again, doesn't always work that way, but...

In guided reading groups, word work also focuses on either sight words, a spelling pattern, or both. Depends upon the group.

It all comes together, slowly...