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New Units of Study for Teaching Reading



Hello all!
I'm super excited about Lucy's new reading UOS, but there is so little information about them out there. I want to try to convince my principal to buy them, but would love to know more. Anyone know anything? TIA!


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Reading U of S

My school has ordered them for September. If they're anything like the Units of Writing kits that we've received, they're verbose chapters of Lucy's philosophy and examples from her experience, not teacher manuals with lessons containing teaching points. I'm very nervous about implementing this next year. No training...just five hours two days before school will start. Would also love to know anyone else's experiences with the new units, but I don't think anyone is probably using them quite yet. From what we've been told, each grade level now has its own units, not a grade 3-5 unit anymore for example. Fourth grade has a character unit, non-fiction, historical fiction book clubs...


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If you haven't checked out Woodburn Units of Study you may want to. Our teachers have found it helpful with the older version Calkins. The units are free to download and they are grade specific.


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We have purchased them and I was able to see the units' mini lesson titles and a brief description. I tried to provide the link but it attached all of my information so I deleted it. Try signing in at http://samplers.heinemann.com to see if you can get samples too. Good luck! They look awesome!


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Me too

My district adopted this for next year, too. We have used it for a few years, so will be easier I hope for my school. We get two, 8 hour day trainings, plus there are a number of teachers from each school going to training at the Teachers College. The professional development is the most important part, and districts always short on it. It's not good practice.


Just got back

I just got back from TC last night. I attended the 5 day workshop on reading. I came back with some Units of Study for my school. Super excited about implementing this year!

The UOS are grade specific and have a scope and sequence. They cover 4 units in detail and give you references to ideas for the other units. Although quite verbose (as usual!) you can glean out the teaching points from each unit.


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Just received my new reading UoS!

I just started to dig in. The assessments that the units of study 'give' you can be accessed through a code that is given to you when you open the new units. (Heinemann)
They are quite lengthy lessons...but the first unit is only 20 'sessions' so, my colleagues and I plan to spend two days in each session.


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assessments and a lot more for new units of s

All the units of study have a code which will get you to the assessments. Start at heinemann and then enter this code


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We too are adopting UOS in September and had an inservice in June. What I can answer is that each grade has their own set geared for that grade level. I did find it very verbose and hard to implement. Mao I have a post asking for suggestions. Good luck!