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New Years Eve "date"


Rachel L

I've started going to a new church. The one I grew up in, which is the same city I live in was quite snobby and their singles group was almost non-existent. The young adult minister at my old church wouldn't even consider doing any social functions so I joined this new church that has a very active singles group that does tons of social events. I really like my new church and the singles group.

Anyway, there's a guy in my singles group that I talk to a lot on Sundays. I knew him from my old church. We both switched to this new church. He's a good friend, but nothing more. I like him, but as a friend. He's really fun to talk to, but I can't see myself dating him. I'm just not romantically interested in him. He called me up and asked me out for New Years Eve. I hope he does not think that this will lead to anything romantic. Maybe I'll mention being friends so he gets the idea. I just don't want to hurt him or lead him on. I wonder though if he asked me out for New Years Eve if does think of me in a different way than I think of him.

But we both aren't dating anyone and have nowhere to go on New Years Eve, so it'll be nice to at least get out and do something. Usually on New Years Eve I just stay home, drink a margarita and watch the ball drop in Times Square on tv. So I've had a lot of boring New Years Eve's.


have fun


Coming from someone who has spent many a New Year's Eve alone, too: Just go out and enjoy the night! Try not to let the "date" issue even effect the evening. Have fun and enjoy the company and friendship. :)


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Perhaps you may be reading a little into more into this, than necessary. Don't let your "what if"???? questions get in the way. What if he does think of you "in that way?" you might would have normally thought of him in that way, but that's kind of how I met my husband...in an UN normal situation, and we've been married 5 1/2 years. I met my husband while I was rolling a stereo cart down a handicapped ramp, and he was taking the class, who I was helping with their stereo cart. (we were in college) He would meet me before his class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, only to help me roll the cart down, and then back up the ramp when the class was over...nothing more. After three months of that, he finally asked me out. I didn't think of him more than a friend at the time either, and certainly wouldn't have imagined that I would be interested, but it was a casual outing, and nothing fancy, so it made the situation a lot simpler. The point is, you have to let your heart be open, in order to allow someone to come into your life.

Sorry for the rambling...couldn't imagine where I'd be now, if I hadn't opened my heart.



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Go and have fun!

Enjoy your evening. Don't worry about the dating issue. If it comes up just let him know that right now you are interested only in being friends. DON"T burn that bridge though! :) My best friend is my husband. You never know! ;)


New Years Night Out

If you're uncomfortable with just the two of you, is there another couple you could double with? Other girlfriends that could go along? I know once upon a time I did this - ended up meeting a lot of other fun people! And got someone else to go out with the guy. So everyone had a Happy New Year! I say go for it!


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New Years

Rachel, I would go out with this guy and have a fun New Years! It sure beats sitting home by yourself watching television. By the way, as another poster mentioned, my husband and I started out as friends. My husband continues to be my best friend even after 15 years of marriage! You never know and it is always best to keep an open mind! Have a great New Years, whatever you decide.