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New Year's Resolutions anybody?


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Let's hear if you have some New Year's resolutions. Anybody going for something impossible? Or probable?


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Lose weight and keep it off this time ,LOL.
Reduce the noise level in my classroom.
Potty train the kiddo.
Resolutions or exercises in futility.:confused:

Miss C

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I find that, while I'm very patient with my students and others who are in some way "weaker" than myself (the elderly, infirm, mentally handicapped, etc.), I have very little tolerance for people who can't "get it together" when they have no excuse. People who whine incessantly, etc. Anyway, my 2006 resolution is to be patient with those whose infirmities may not be as obvious, but they are real nonetheless. Does that make sense? Also, to lose weight before my brother's wedding on 12/29/06!


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I am even getting a head start during the Christmas break to get organized in my home. I could have done a whole lot more, but apted to go shopping instead! Oh well! There's all next year to accomplish my goal! Happy 2006, Proteacher friends!


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My Resolutrions

1. Eat less, exercise more
2. Keep my new car clean
3. Visit ProTeacher daily!


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Get my workouts back on track--at least 3 times a week. (I was consistent, but fell off the wagon in 2005.)


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too many to list

My Personal resolutions:

1. Continue losing weight and make myself exercise more
2. Get my home in order (throw out or donate things I don't use)
3. Work on getting bills paid down

My School Resolutions:
1. Have more tolerance with crazy parents
2. Work on giving time to the excelling students and not always those
who are struggling

My Family Resolutions:

1. Make them not so dependent on me. (Parents, sister, niece, brother)
2. Say NO when I really don't have the time


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I'm with you in the exercise and have tolerance. I think I'll also try to work on organization. I tend to pile papers on my desk.


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1. always working on better patience (lifetime goal--ha!)
2. use my prep time better
3. do more long-term planning so i'm not working feverishly every weekend to plan and grade
4. work harder at grading each day's assignments that day
5. focus on making more positive comments than i do negative!


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revelations...I mean, resolutions....lol

O.k....here's my resolutions...

1. Stay away from people who always want something from me.
2. Be cautious with the extra funds I'll be getting soon...;)
3. Pay off all my debts this year, with my extra funds.
4. Finally take that trip to Disney, with my family...
5. Lose some more weight
6. Help my parents more, now that they're getting older.
7. Spend more time outdoors with my family.
8. Get all of us together under the same roof again...peacefully, and with BOTH of us working.
9. Save some money for a rainy day, or in our case, the next hurricane.
10. Pay off my new car???

Geez...I hope I can do all of these things, it sure would make my life a lot more bearable. :)



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Get back to exercising
Eat better
This one's hard: Leave school by 3:30 each day
Reduce clutter


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This is a hard one this year! I read over everyone else's in hopes of getting an idea, and I still can't seem to come up with one! Not that I do everything right :) , it just seems like I'm happy with the way things are. Maybe something will come to me before midnight tonight!


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Ha, ha, ha...the same ones I made

the last 5 years! LOL Two at the top of my list are work-related: get organized and leave at 3:30! If I could accomplish those 2, I could fit in excercise!


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keep an open mind

I just split from my partner of 10 years, and this holiday season has been hard. I have done much soul-searching and have decided to try different things this year. I'm starting to believe I'm the good person my friends and family say I am, and not the "never good enough" person he made me feel like. So, my resolutions are to love myself more and think hard before saying "no" to new things!