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No cost-Low cost rewards-Compiled list


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I had forgotten that I started to compile this list of ideas for no cost/low cost rewards now that food and/or candy as rewards are being discouraged in our schools.

Reading through the various posts reminded me that I hadn't yet shared the list, so here it is, as an attachment. Knowing that schools have their own rules and ways of managing large groups of students, some of these ideas will have to be modified to fit your own school culture.

If you get more ideas, please post them so we can continue to add them in.
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  • List of no-cost reward ideas (compiled)-PT.doc
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Coupon starter-Modify for rewards coupons

I also made this generic page so you can modify it to make your own coupons that can be used with the list of no-cost rewards posted above.

Since some of us can't print in color, while others like to use certain fonts or even special wording (i.e. the term award vs. reward vs. coupon) this is a very basic starter page.

"Special Coupon" and "because you deserve it" are done in Word Art. The lines for the coupon details are gray so they don't stand out if you choose to hand-write your message. You can also add graphics to fit each coupon. (Microsoft's free downloadable clip art would be great for something like this.)

Hopefully this will be a useful tool for all those rewards! ;)
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  • Coupon starter.doc
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Special Reward Coupons

As I was browsing through my files, I came across this page I had used in the past for coupons. Feel free to replace your own wording and graphics if you prefer this format for your coupons.
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  • Special Reward Coupon-PT.doc
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thanks so much

for sharing. :) Love the blank coupon. I think I'll print them onto colored paper at school. The list is also a great source.


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Thanks, Risa!

Thes are great -- since I'm still in limbo about what grade I'll be teaching, it's good to have some things that aren't grade-level specific!


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Risa, you are tops!

I know I have never told you that your contributions here are always appreciated! You are very generous and a wealth of practical resources.



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Here's an attachment with the rewards I use. I change these a little each year depending on what my currwent class seems to like. It's also a nice thing for them to pick what they like.
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  • Reward List.doc
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Thanks, Rancher!

I like the way you just listed all the possible rewards and check off the one the child has earned! That's way too easy! I guess I made it way too complicated. On the other hand,I've found that my students respond well to all those little details. :rolleyes: So now you've given me something to think about for simplifying the whole process...

This is what I love best about ProTeacher. We share, we get new ideas and then, using our "higher level Bloom's Taxonomy Academic Language" we evaluate and synthesize them into new ideas! (Bet you already guessed that I spent the last week hearing about The Importance of Increasing Student Acquisition of Academic Language in the Classroom! :p )

Thanks to all everyone for your positive comments! I wouldn't be surprised if some of those ideas on the list came from YOU, so I should be thanking YOU for the list, too! LOL *as we all stand in a big circle and pat each other on the back and thank each other for sharing!* ;)