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No Curriculum

Language Arts | Writing 


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My district is going away from a Reading Curriculum next year, we will not be using a Reading Series. Do any others teach this way?? How do you go about teaching the letters and sounds?? Do you do a letter a week still?? Do you teach 26 letters in 26 days. Any suggestions/ideas/discussion is greatly appreciated.
Thank YOu


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My first year we had no curriculum so we just did a letter a week for phonics then started in with word families after we finished all the letters. We made up our own reading units based on the common core. The next year we got a phonics program which was fabulous. We still do our own reading units which we've refined over the years.


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I haven't used a curriculum in years. I do use the alphafriends from Houghton Mifflin, so we do a letter a week. But we use it more for a springboard for other activities - we expect them to know all letters and sounds after the first trimester. We do reading units thematically, and focus on certain standards for each unit. I actually prefer not having a curriculum. :o


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We have done one letter a day and two sight words a week. Our themes are Science oriented and pull in standards from all areas of the curriculum. Our kids kept up with it . Most are reading cvc words at this point. Those who did not are served with tutoring after hours and rti time during the day.

I would prefer a reading curriculum . These programs are written by well trained phd ed experts and I have a lot of respect for their expertise.


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No reading curriculum

We made our own curriculum. During the first ten weeks of school, we teach all 26 letters at the pace of 3 to 4 letters per week. We focus on the initial sound only. Sight words are also taught.

At the start of the second quarter, we do 1 letter per week. We focus on where do we hear the sound in a word by sound segmenting, and we begin teaching decoding strategies.

Comprehension is taught through stories during reading group and through whole group using picture books.

Since you don't have a reading series, I'd highly recommend getting a subscription to readinga-z. Everything else I've found online or created myself.


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Check this out!

I'm going to be using Deanna Jump's Yearlong Guiding Readers Mega Bundle. It's around $100.00 to purchase off of TPT and then you have to run everything off, but it is already set up for you from the beginning of the year to the end! It has phonics, reading comprehension, writing, phonemic awareness..You should check it out. I'm excited to use it next year!


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Mega Bundle

I also recently purchased Deanna Jump's Mega Bundle. I'm moving from grade 4 to Kindergarten next year and I'm very excited to use it in my new classroom! I also purchased a few more of her items including the Guided Reading product and the Alphapalooza one.