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no experience wanted



Well, I've now applied for almost 70 positions in my school district. I taught there for 8 years and then stayed home with my kids. My son is disabled and so I wanted to be here to work with him so that he would be prepared for school.

I can't even get an interview. I've taken my resume to each principal. what I've now heard from a friend at the board office is the system was given too much money by the state last year. Now, the system has to pay it back and is looking for ways to cut costs. The principals have been given a hush order to hire new teachers.

I really need a job and so are very discouraged.


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I know the feeling

I am a military spouse and we move every few years. My oldest son has cerebral palsy and my youngest also has learning disabilities. I too put my career on hold to help prepare my children for school.

I don't have a lot of experience, but I know that I will be a great teacher if someone would just hire me and give me a chance. I am subbing now and have also flooded my district with applications...not even a phone call so far. It is very discouraging.

My husband is retiring from the military in three years and we have nothing saved, don't know where we will be living, and I have no job. I just want to cry. I feel like such a loser. I had such high hopes of finally being able to work in something that I loved.

I am so dissapointed, I may not even sub this next year--I may just go and get a regular job.


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new teachers only

My school district is having budget problems and I know the principals are told not to hire anyone with more than two or three years experience because they have to pay them more. I personally, think this is the dirty little secret of public schools. They like to talk about having highly qualified, experienced teachers, but when it comes right down to it, the money is more important.

I'd love to see a story done on this in the media. I don't think people really know that it happens.