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No funding for professional development...


New Member
Is it just me, or is anyone else facing this? I'm not sure what is going on this year but it seems like the well has gone dry. There are so many programs that I would love to go to, but the school does not have the funding this year. Even if I pay for it on my own, getting a sub is a nightmare.


Senior Member

We haven't had any funds for outside PD in 5 years. We have in-house PD with the reading coach and principal and (staff) members of the "instructional leadership team." They go to special training and bring it back to us. We have attend these PDs every Friday and we have no choice in the matter.


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Same here...

We have very limited outside training, mostly through the Educational Service Center - and then only if they're free or "cheap" (under $50.00).

Anything else I do, I pay for myself. The district will at least give me a professional day to go, so I don't loose my sick days/personal days, so I guess that is some consolation.