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No Luck finding a job


Ms. Lanzillo

Hi everyone,

I am having a tough time finding a teaching job in Massachusetts. I have applied to every school district in the area, and no one has called me back for any interviews. The same thing happened last year after I graduated. Now I work at a private school that I don't like much. I need a public school job or I can't get my professional license. Any advice on how to get interviews. I'm not from this area so I don't have many connections into the school districts. I need some advice, because I am slowly becoming pessimistic about getting a job for the fall.


Senior Member

Take your resume directly to a principal at a school where you are intersted in working at. Research the school to find out about it so you can tell him why you want to work there. Hang in there, sometimes when I was just starting out, I got interviews in the summer and/or hired right AFTER school started. Don't give up.


I know how you feel...

Hi Ms. Lanzillo -
I know exactly how you feel. I too am getting frustrated with this job search. This will actually be my 3rd year looking for a public school teaching position. Unlike you, I have had 2 other previous teaching positions. My first one was working in a prek special ed classroom which was part time and a one year contract only. The second one was working in as a 2nd grade teacher in an inner-city school. It was very difficult and the principal wasn't very supportive so I left as of March. Since then, I have been subbing in a school district where I student taught (I subbed there my senior year of college too) and have been called for 2 interviews. Unfortunately, neither job is what I really want. Both are teaching prek special education. I enjoyed my first real teaching experience teaching prek, but felt the kids were too young and not the type of teaching I want to do. I'd love to teach kindergarten so much. However, I'm willing to take anything just to have a job for fall. I have applied everywhere(so far 15 plus jobs) and check for job postings everyday. I know it's kinda early, but I'm really nervous that I may not have a job come fall (esp after being able to get 2 jobs the last 2 yrs). I know I shouldn't let myself get nervous because the last 2 years I did so and ended up getting jobs. My first year I got a job 2 days before orientation and last year I got hired mid July so there's still hope. I REALLY know how you feel. As everyone says, "hang in there and things will work out in the end." I know it's easier said than done, but that's all WE can do right now. Please let me know how everything goes and what your plans are for fall. I hope WE both a teaching job soon!