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nominations valid?


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Have any of you ever received notification from Who' s Who Among Teachers that you have been nominated? If so, did you apply? In the past several months I have been notified of nominations from Disney Teacher of the Year and Who's Who Among Teachers. I do not know if these are related, if my name has made its way to a mailing list, or if these nominations should be considered as valid. I never applied for the Disney award but I am starting to feel guilty about not responding to any of these. Let me know.


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I received the Who's Who Among Teachers nomination as well and did not apply. Since this isn't a publication that I see around school, or the library, etc., I felt like it was some kind of scam. I would be interested in hearing what anyone else has to say about it. Personally, the happy, interested, cheerful, and unique children I teach are enough reward for me!



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Who's Who.....

is valid. I recieved a nomination and answered it. A student must nominate you. When you accept, they inform your superintendent and principal. The book can be found in many public libraries including the one in my city and the one in the town in which I teach. It is the sister publication to Who's who among American High school studnets. Those studnets nominate teachers they have had for the teacher publication. Call the number if you still have it. You will be surprised.


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I did it

I was nominated and went a long with the process last year. I had a write up in our local paper because of it. For a little catholic school a big deal was made of it.

Marie from PA


that's funny

It was in our union's newsletter that Who's Who is a scam and we should know about that before we respond. I was also notified that I had been nominated, but here's how I knew it was bogus: It said that students of mine who were now in high school had nominated me. That's funny--I was in my third year of teaching, and my kids had not even hit the high school yet. It also seems to me that they asked for money, but I could be wrong about that. Of course, that would be a real red flag. Never responded, never regretted it. Marie, you sound like the kind of teacher who would get a write-up for being a good teacher, anyway, even without that organization.

Teach 5

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Who's who is a scam. They will publish anybody who pays for the book with the listing.
Disney is valid. I was nominated but the application & all that you have to fill out was so long & daunting, I decided it wasn't worth my time. Teaching, raising kids, husband, & a life just didn't leave me time to do something that I wasn't super interested in.


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Sounds like

Who's Who sounds like Poetry.com's scam. They ask for a poem from you, then tell you it's sooooo great that they want to publish it in a hardcover book, along with other author's poems. If you want to see your poem in print you have to buy the book. There are THOUSANDS of pieces of poetry in that book, and let me tell you, most of them stunk!!! Also, they publish a book almost every month! It is a scam!