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Not a good day.


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I was supposed to sub today for 2nd Grade. It had been planned for over a week now. well last night my daughter who's in first grade got that bad stomach flu that has been going around the school. Vomiting and bad stomach pains. :( So we were up for hours last night. DH had to work today so I knew that I'd have to cancel my Sub day. So I started trying to call the school at 7:00 am with No answer, called again at 7:10 and the janitor answered the phone, I told Him i'd call back lol. Finally after 2 More times trying to get ahold of someone the Principal answered the phone at 7:25! (school starts at 8:00!) I explained to her what was going on and she told me she'd tell the secretary. I thought that it was taken care of, WRONG! I get a Call at 8:10 am from the secretary! She was worried about Why I wasn't at the school yet! I told her that I'd called and talked to Ms.H and told her that I couldn't work today. Well apparently the principal hadn't told her! So here they were at 8:10 with school already started and No sub in the room! I felt Awful. I know it wasn't My fault but I still felt responsible. I hope she's not mad at me.


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Wow...you gotta absolutely love the communication between school administration...

Me personally, I would feel bad too, but it's not your fault. You did what you were supposed to do, so it's on them.

Hope your daughter feels better


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Thanks! Thankfully she does feel amazingly better. No vomiting today at all. Thank God!
I still feel so bad about all this though. I just hope that when/if the secretary asked the principal about it she tells the truth!


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My main concern at orientation was what if i have to call off if my child or me is sick, the reply was "sometimes subs need subs too." Don't feel too bad, there was nothing you could do.


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big hugs back!

Since you were so supportive on my "I could scream" post, I want to send you big hugs back!

I know how it is--part of my upset personally is feeling somehow some way that it was "my fault," just like you are feeling. But it is not my fault nor is this your fault--and your daughter comes first!

I just hope you don't get raked over the coals like I did. LOL!

Happy Thanksgiving!