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Not crying



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VA governer just closed schools for the rest of the academic year. All over Facebook my teacher friends are posting about how they are devastated and crying. I respect their right to feel this way however I just want to say....maybe I’m a bad teacher but I’m thrilled! We will be asked to do some type of distance learning but still it will be fine. They are paying us for doing minimal work and not having to wear real clothes until probably August. I don’t feel devastated about not going back. I’m happy for a change of pace and break. I’m happy that the powers that be care about our health. Since I can’t say it ok Facebook without offending people, I’m saying it here- suck it up guys....this is not a who can be saddest contest! Ok that feels better. No flaming please, I just had to get it out!

desert flower

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I think that’s where the state of Arizona is headed. Hopefully. We are required to send some sort of classwork online, or they can pick it up in the office, and it’s supposed to be graded, but I am OK with that. I feel the same way you do on all other counts.


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I agree

Honestly there were some downright unsafe situations and admin would just shrug their shoulders. Someone reached out to me to say I must be heartbroken about this and I feel guilty because I don't.


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Last year probably. This year, no.

Last year's class was so bad I would have probably had a "too bad, so sad" reaction. It was my toughest class in 27 years. This year's class is one of, if not the best. They are kind to each other. Their parents are down to earth and complimentary. There isn't one child out of 23 that I can say bothers me in any way. We left on Thursday the 12th thinking we would be back on the 13th. That was not so and the room sits as we left it.

I get choked up when I see their pictures. I had hoped I would see them in class once again and know now that I will not. (I am also in Virginia.) I would love to be back in the classroom with them again if I could.


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I have mixed feelings. I’m not crying but bummed. I teach Kindergarten. We are doing distance learning but I quickly learned that only a few are participating. The first week I spent hours creating lessons and putting them into Seesaw only to have few kids do them. This week I posted a choice board and a few lessons. I did a Zoom conference tonight which was fun. I’m bored. I need to start purging my house to keep busy. 🤣


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I'm not thrilled (anxious about how the whole distance learning thing will pan out), and I do feel a little sad on behalf of my kids, but I'm not brokenhearted/devastated. I do think it was the right option - this thing isn't going to be over in a couple weeks so we may as well get adjusted to distance learning right away. I also had a fairly difficult class this year (noisy). I'm looking forward to being able to mute them via zoom. lol


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I have felt burnt out this year and I try to remember those times now. One thing that was getting really frustrating was student behavior and that challenge is totally gone. However, I miss being at work. I miss interacting with kids and talking to/laughing with my teammates every day. It's not a "fun break" because there is nowhere to go and nothing to do. I also dread starting online learning as I feel it will be an exercise in futility given the population I work with (K-2 sped in a low SES setting).

I've always said I would hate working from home- all of the fun parts of being at school are taken out! I also dread what we'll be coming back to next fall- kids that are behind and behavior issues that will have likely gotten exponentially worse. Not to mention probable severe budget cuts due to the economic situation we're now in. At this point I'd give anything to go back to work and "real life." I live alone and just staying in my house by myself 24/7 with nothing to look forward to is extremely difficult. And we could be looking at doing this for months or longer. Even announcing schools are closed for the rest of the year means this will carry on for a minimum of two more months. I've been doing this for 1.5 weeks and I'm already going crazy. We haven't announced school is closed for the year yet but everyone thinks it's coming. Even with knowing it's coming I probably will be very sad when it happens.


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They haven’t canceled us out yet here in Illinois. It has been extended to 4/7, but I foresee either another extension or to the end of the year.

I don’t feel guilty. I don’t mind this so far, though I’m sure it will get old. I’m sort of relieved. As someone with a compromised immune system, I was feeling very stressed out about exposure to ... everyone.

That said, I miss my routine. I miss feeling purposeful. And I’m very worried I won’t get to properly send off my eighth graders.


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I'm not sad about having a break currently (though I wish it was for a better reason like a big blizzard, say, and not a pandemic), mostly because it's been a challenging, tough year/group. Not just the kids, a lot of pressure from admin and crazy paperwork and over the top after school meetings with accountability and expectations like we've never had.

I wouldn't mind if this current break was extended a bit, but I hope we do get to go back at some point, even if just to get a sense of closure for the year. I think that would be good for the students as well as the teachers.


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I'm not upset for me (although my governor hasn't called it for the year... yet). This year's class has been really, really rough - I actually had a high needs student transferred out, which still left me with four kids who need tier II supports and one who needs tier III supports, plus I'm trying to finish my masters. It was draining. I am upset for some of my kids and their families, though. This whole situation will mean economic devastation to some of them - I have kiddos at risk of homelessness, some of them live in the brink of it even in the best of times. I'm worried for them. So I go back and forth between being grateful to have this break and thinking I'm the worst teacher in the world for being grateful. :(


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I am sad

I teach Kindergarten in VA. After a really hard year last year, I had a great class. I am very sad that we won't get to finish out the year together. I love our 4th quarter in Kindergarten. We have so many activities and enrichment opportunities. Our school is Title 1, and the majority of my kids don't have access to tech or internet in their homes. Our grade level started a youtube channel with learning videos we recorded. I don't know how many kids are watching, though. I have made IXL and epic books available and only 2/20 kids have logged on. I have no idea what distance learning will look like as we move forward. I emailed all of my parents about setting up a zoom meeting, and nobody responded with interest. It's hard for these parents, as many of them are essential workers, and not at home with the kids. A lot of times, the kids are with an older sibling, or a relative. I know the kids will be fine as they are resilient. But I do worry about learning gaps. I also worry about the expectations that will be passed on to us in the upcoming weeks. I have a feeling the admin will plan for middle/high school, and then pass those expectations on to elementary.But what works for high school seniors is not going to work in K. My kids are not going to log into google classroom and submit assignments unless an adult is managing that...


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You have just as strong a right to your feelings as they do. As you say, it’s not a competition. I’m retired, but I’m sure I would miss my kids and the social side of teaching, but I know I wouldn’t be crying over it.


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We haven't gone that far yet, but it's a very real possibility.
If it happens, I feel like it'll be bittersweet. I'll miss the kids for sure; they're a pretty good class, but at the same time, I wouldn't be that sad