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not just puzzles, crosswords, or word searche



I know that sometimes teachers don't leave enough lesson plans to fill a day or entire class period, so here are some suggestions that I have witnessed really good subs doing.

Create several writing prompts approiate for that grade level. This is great to stimulate writing skills and imagination.

Find printable worksheets online for math. You can find some great printables in the enviroment where you have to read a short story and answer several questions.

Create a folder with your activities in them, seperated by grade. You can either keep one master copy, or enough for the entire class.

I think that it is a great way to be prepared, and good for filling gaps in time.

Using activities that require them to use their brains and skills that have been taught are allot better than giving them a word search irrelavant to thier studies.

I personally like the writing prompts. They tend to take up the most time. You can set your limit on how many paragraphs to write, so you can control the amount of time it should take to complete.