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Not one iota of sadness



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I am finally done! And for the first year ever I don't have one tiny bit of sadness in me. I am so glad to see this group move on!! It has definitely been the hardest year of my career and I am so glad to have it behind me!

How's everyone else feeling?

Heeeeelllllooooo summer!!<!--girl1--><!--shootingstars-->


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I'm glad you finally made it to summer! :)

I felt the same was you -- hardest year ever -- had no sadness seeing them all walk out the door! ;)

Have a super summer! <!--girl1--><!--shootingstars-->:)


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It was a tough year, but I was a little sad. I worked harder than ever. I worry about some of my babies over the summer!!! I'm thankful for summer and time to recharge!


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I'm so jealous! I have one and a half weeks left. The bickering and tattling is driving me crazy! Almost there...


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I had a class like that two years ago - couldn't wait to see them go. I usually cry my eyes out on the last day because I'm so attached to the kids, but not with that group. The next year's teacher who had many of the same kids couldn't stand them either and she is a very loving and beloved teacher. I know it is bad to say that about young children, but this group was just unbelievably impossible.


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Totally there with you

Was very happy to see most of them on their way home today ......am being positive for a great bunch in the new year.


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I'm the opposite

I have been really blessed this year with very sweet and bright children. I wish that I could take my summer break and then return to this group! Their parents have been equally sweet and very generous and supportive! The group that I am getting next year is very immature and the parents are less supportive (at least with the teacher that they have now), so my turn is coming!:rolleyes:


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Enjoy the Summer

as can totally understand how you feel towards next year - however, I am totally overdue to have a class like the one you have had with incoming kinders.......


I'm so glad it's not just me. My class this year was so difficult. Add to that the fact that I went on maternity leave mid-way through the year, so I came back exhausted and to a mess from my horrible long term sub, I was ready for the year to be over. I felt bad on the last day of school that other teachers were crying and I was just ready to run to my car.


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I wasn't sad and did have a good group for the most part. I was just tired from the daily grind and happy that the year was over. I did get a bit teary eyed when getting things ready for the last day.