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not subsitute yet



Hi everyone,
I am in canada(Brampton Area).I am a science graduate having masters degree in education.I did primary, junior intermediate, special education part-1 and ESL part-1. I am looking for a substitute teacher job. I have applied two times in my board for supply teacher hiring, but did not get any interview call.I ask them so many times about interview,but nobody is giving me proper answer. yesterday I call them and ask the same question and there reply was that they already contacted the person who are eligible. Now I am very much disappionted and frustrated. I am doing volunteer work in one school since 2 year with hope that one day I will get supply teacher job. Even the principal is not ready to give refference.Her answer is that she never saw me while teaching. what to do in this type of situation. At this time I am even ready to do supply assistant teacher and what so ever is available to me to get start.I cannot explain you my condition at this time. I really want help or advice that what to do now.if any body know any good school and principal where i can start my any job related with teaching.


my opinion

I am sorry you have not been able to sub yet. It sounds like you are a real go-getter. It also sounds like you really want to teach. This is all very good.

I do not know your exact situation, so I do not know for sure what the problem is. But you do have some grammatical and spelling errors in this post. I think that you will have a much better chance of finding something if you improve your language skills. Your language skills are part of the first impression you make with anyone you meet, including administrators who make decisions. You are probably very smart in science, but no one will know this if you make a poor first impression.

Good luck! I hope it works out for you.


Took Long Time

While I waited to sub, was keeping busy as a school volunteer. I got very frustrated at how long the hiring process was here in San Diego. It took them 5 1/2 weeks just to look at my application, then the appointment for my intake was scheduled for 4 weeks after that! Then, after my intake was completed, they said i would be in the system in 10 days! i was shocked that it took so long to get me in the system. Not to mention all the tersts i had to take, and the fingerprinting process. I keep telling my husband i should start a web site so people here in SD understand how long it can take to become a substitute. If I had not just stumbled into talking to the right people- people who told me what to do next- i may never had made it! Total it took about 6 months. Are you sure your application was complete? Here they won't even look at you if you don't show up with your TB test done and the card to prove it. The process was very frustrating and expensive. I don't know what you need in Canada. If you're lucky-someone there did do a site to find out what you still need to do! Good Luck.


Wow, that's time consuming

Sounds like a long, frustrating process. I received a call a day or two after I dropped off my application. The very brief interview was scheduled for a couple days later. About two days after that, the woman from HR called and said that she had entered me into the system -- all I had to do was log on to the phone system and enter the number, etc.

I received my first call to sub twenty minutes after I entered the information into the system, and Subbed the next day. I did have to get fingerprinted, but no tb test, nor other tests. As for cost, it was about $24 to pay for the fingerprinting, and that was it. After all you went through, I hope Subbing is going well for you, Juli.

Mrs. N, I don't have much advice as I imagine the system may be quite different in Canada than where I am, in the U.S. Good luck though.