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Note Cards/Source Cards?



I am starting a project with my 5th grade in March that involves completing a research paper on a foreign country. What are you thought about having them do Note/Source Cards. To young? Just right?

Carrie in WV

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Idon't think they are too young

The 4th graders at our school start doing science fair project research reports with note cards, bibliography...the whole nine yards. My fifth graders do just fine with them!


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We do them in 5th grade

We are currently starting a bird unit. They will learn outlining skills and then use their note cards to organize their research in outline form. It worked really well last year.

We also teach how to complete a correct bibliography. This also works well on the cards.


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notes on paper

We use colored paper that is divided into 20 squares (10 on the front and 10 on the back). I think blue is for books, purple is for websites, and green is for encyclopedia. The top right hand corner is for source information (Title, author, copyright date, etc.).

We have students start with an outline (or you can make one for students). Then, students when students find information they put their "dash facts" into boxes and label it with where it belongs on their outline.

They just type their information into their outline, write it in complete sentences and they have a good rough draft!