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Nothing to see here....



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during dry years we kept our hoses hooked up to the faucets outside our house and kept a close watch.
We had heavy rains last night.


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I read your earlier post and agree. Thankfully we’ve had a lot of rain here recently, so that lessens the fire fear. It doesn’t help the noise though.

What’s crazy is that the Army has an artillery practice field right behind our house. Sometimes the booms shake the entire house. Other nights I fall asleep to the sound of machine guns. That doesn’t bother me a bit, but these fireworks are driving me insane.


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mhugs- we watered the lawn today, but maybe we should have watered the roof, jic :( I'm glad you both had nice rains leading up to this! I'd love some rain, but at least it's no longer 113 degrees. Tchrrx- that would be rough!


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Fireworks suck, though!

I agree!!! <!--grumpy-->

They MAY have just let up in our neighborhood...it's been bad tonight. I also don't remember the smoke smell bothering me so much until this year. I developed a piercing headache from the smoke (we've been outside with family) earlier. Better now, but can still smell it with my doors closed.

Thanks for commiserating tonight!!!<!--4thJulyHeart-->


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I was at DS’s out in the country and it wasn’t as bad as it’s been in past years. I think most people actually took the ban seriously <!--misspeak--> (it might have helped that there was a fire on the street a few days ago-not caused by fireworks but still a reminder that it’s a very flammable area) And those that did set them off were done by midnight.

There was still enough noise to frighten the dog though. :(


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They are illegal in my county but several surrounding counties sell them, so easy to get. This year, several organizations that normally have them cancelled them due to the extreme drought. Didn’t stop people. A friend posted on FB her kids with sparklers. She splits her time between here and another county. The other county they are usually legal. But they even drier than we are.