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Novel Study - "Run"


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I just got 30 copies of the Eric Walters book "Run", but don't have a teacher's guide to go with it. Has anyone ever done this novel study? I have grade 6s. Thanks!


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Thanks Suezie!! I spent a great deal of time last night doing Yahoo searches and came up with nothing. I really appreciate your time!


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Terry Fox

You're welcome.
We did a whole unit on Terry Fox last September. However, I did not have the novel study from the internet then. You may like to explore this site too:


If you contact your local Terry Fox organization, they will send you a DVD of five short movies to show the students. The movies are really inspirational and give the students more background before reading the novel. I was very emotional when I watched the movies because I was a young adult when Terry did his Marathon of Hope. It brought back a lot of the feelings that I had when he had to stop the run.:(

Good luck with the novel study.


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I am glad I found your "conversation": it saved me, literally! I was re-organized from a grade 4-5 into an almost straight grade 7 in minutes on Friday afternoon and needed the teacher guide Run until I stumbled onto this site. Many thanks,


Excellent ideas

Thank you so much for the wonderful ideas. I am teaching a grade 3,4,5 class this year, and this Terry Fox unit will kick off our year! There are also some amazing videos online at http://archives.cbc.ca/sports/exploits/topics/1649/
I showed many to my grade 2/3 class last year, and they were very moving!
Good luck!