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Now we are dealing with drugs!


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It just never ends! DD texted me today to tell me she was depressed again, took 3 of her Trazadones the other night (we have since locked up all the meds) and admitted to smoking pot the other day with a friend. I called the doctor today and she was supposed to call me back, but never did. There is a residential treatment facility about an hour from here which has a great reputation for treating mental illness in children and her doctor has mentioned it. It might be time. A couple of months with daily intense group, individual and family therapy along with a doctor session daily may be just what she needs! I am almost 100% sure she will be diagnosed with BPD when she turns 18!

Thanks for listening and for any prayers you can offer if you are a praying person!



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I just wanted you to know I read your posts and say a prayer daily for your daughter, you, and your family. <!--dove-->


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Praying for you and your family, Nancy. I worked at a residential treatment facility while I was in college. Many girls who came to us did very well, especially those who had supportive families at home. Our therapists were awesome and really and truly invested in each student who came through our doors.


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I have a friend and former roommate who is diagnosed with BPD and clinical depression. She and I have made it through several suicide attempts and hospitalizations. I know this is hard, but she admits the best thing she ever did for herself is go inpatient in a residential treatment facility (albeit not voluntarily) and stay for 6 months. She is currently in a PHP and it is doing her so much good, but she wants inpatient treatment because the results come faster.

Please don't be afraid of IP treatment because it may help your girl so much more than you can imagine.

I constantly pray for your family. May peace reign in your house.


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Prayers to you and your family, Nancy! My 16 year old DD, who is also battling depression, told us that she had smoked pot a few times because she 'liked the way it made her feel'. While we certainly don't want her doing that, we understood what she was telling us. Apparently it made her feel calm and mellow, which she doesn't always experience. Maybe that's what your DD was seeking, also. I will pray that you can find the best treatment for your DD, and that she will learn healthy, positive ways of coping. (((hugs!)))


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For you and your family. Know that you are on the right path-- even if it is a long and difficult one-- and that the God of all healing walks with you!



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WOW, Bio-adopt...It's been like FOREVER that I've been on here, but I just read your post, and I am sending prayers your way!! I don't know what to say, except that I am sorry that you are going through this, and that we teachers are behind you. My son tried to commit suicide last year, due to bullying in HS. He has since gotten into therapy and is doing well. I can only send you prayers and good thoughts, and hope your daughter finds the help she needs. I know how hard this is on the family, and my thoughts and prayers are with you, as well as with her. If you need any info or advice you can private message me, I'm not really in the same boat, but any encouraging words are always welcome...praying for you!!


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So sorry!

I don't really know anything about what you are going through, Nancy, because I am a random PT user and am usually on the retired teacher board, but this post certainly got my attention. My son was extremely challenging like your daughter. He ended up in residential treatment 300 miles away.... when he was a sophomore in high school. It broke my heart. It was a horrible experience, but we had no choice. He was out of control. My heart goes out to you because I know you have done everything in your power to help your baby! I will send prayers to you and your family and hope you can find help for your daughter. I pray that someday she will be able to live independently and overcome her challenges! Thinking of you tonight!!


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My brother was in a treatment facility some years ago. It was hard because he was so far away but he loved it. He made good friends and had positive experiences. It was the best thing that ever happened to him.

Good luck. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


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I worked in residential for 8 years...there are some really good programs out there...and really are good places. It will be difficult but most likely worth it! Hang in there Nancy


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I'm so sorry you're going through this. Thinking of you and your family during this time. And can I just say how amazing a mom you are for sticking by DD's side and getting her the help she needs? You truly are an amazing person!


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You are such a source of inspiration on PT. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and life here with us. We always think we are the only ones suffering with our problems, but you seem to take it all in stride as part of LIFE. I just wanted you to know I read your posts and say a prayer daily for your daughter, you, and your family