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How do you decide whether to send a student to the nurse's office? My kids ask me to go for every little thing. I don't want to be a meanie but they spend so much time going!


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You can usually tell if they are really sick! Blood, bumps, and that really green look will make me send them immediately! Headaches, I usually tell them to put their heads down for awhile and see if that helps. Either the head pops up and you know it's not for real, or if it stays down, then they really do have one, and I send them for an ice pack. Yesterday one of my second grade girls complained of a headache in the PM, so after the head stayed down awhile (she's a chronic), I sent her to the nurse to get an ice pack. She comes back right away with one in her hand and tells me it's not working! So I looked at her and said, "You have to put it on your head for it to work!" The class all laughed and so did she!:D I also keep bandaids in my room for the paper cuts!

Mrs. G

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What I do.

I teach 5th graders so I use this approach. First I ask them if they need to use the bathroom or need to rest? Then I ask them what they would like to do. If they say they would like to go to the nurse I usually write a pass for them. If they say "I don't know" I tell them to rest for a little while and if they feel better.

For simple scrapes or cuts I have them wash it and I give them a bandaid. If something hurts, I will say "Make sure you tell your Mom when you get home." This usually satisfies them.

I try to use good judgement because I don't want to keep sick kids in the room, but we all have a couple of students who would make daily trips to the nurse if we let them.;)


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It's easy for us -- we don't have a school nurse. LOL
We used to have a public health nurse come to school for 1/2 day once a week but that was cancelled about 25 years ago.
I have bandages in my desk. We will call for somebody to come pick the child up if necessary. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't.


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Visiting the nurse

This is always a fun one! I usually try a few different things to find out the severity of the problem. Headache=rest 5-10 minutes, stomache=try going to the bathroom (occasionally this one backfires and I did have one throw up on the way to the bathroom), cut=wash at sink and put on a bandaid which I have in the room, bump=wet paper towel over the spot (works like a charm). Usually after they try the treatment you can get a feeling for if it needs extra attention. I do have one who is relentless in this, so I will send her and then call the nurse to tell her she is on her way. This is code to take her temp, and then send her back. Good luck!


First Aid Kit

I keep a first aid kit in my room for the kids to use. It has cotton balls, band-aids, Vaseline (for chapped lips), q-tips, etc. This way if it is something minor they can solve the problem without leaving the room. Then if tell me they don't feel good and they want to go to the nurse, I ask them what they want the nurse to do for them. (sometimes there really isn't anything the nurse can do) This way if they are just complaining they don't need to leave the room.


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I have some chronic fakers that I now just say, "Tell your mom/dad when you get home," and I move on with my lessons. For those other things that come up, I do pretty much what the other posters have said (try to handle it in class first) and then send them to the office if it persists.


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You have to know your kids. I have a child who has something wrong with him EVERYDAY. He has more excused absences than I've had my entire school life. I usually tell them to tell their parents when they get home. My favorite is when they come in school complaining. I ask them if their parents knew when they left home. When they say yes, I tell them their parents think it's okay for them to be in school.

You'll have the occasional good kid who never complains, I let them call home.

We don't have a school nurse, we send them to a clinic, they check out of school, and come back. I try not to send them, b/c it's just like they're checking out.