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Observation & Sharing



Well I finished my Math Tutoring this week and the girls were really sad that I was leaving but I assured them I will be back next semester.

I went yesterday to do my last hours of observation in my kiddos school. I choose my sons 2nd grade teacher since this is probably the grade level I would like to be at. I had such a fun time. I felt so comfortable, she even asked me to do a reading group. It was great I had three boys and we sat and read a book together then we did a webstory worksheet. It was neat seeing what it would be like to teach all day even though I was mostly listening to their answers and redirecting them when the said a word wrong, or helping them. The kids asked me to come back and said they hope I can sub for them someday. How sweet is that!

I also got a chance to stay after and chat with the teacher a while, she too was a mid career changer so I think her insight is very useful. I asked here what is the hardest part of teaching and she like others in the "Negative Remarks" post said the paper work. I asked her what she ment by paper work since I had heard that before and she said forms and tests and grading and keeping up with who returned the forms but she also said that if you are very organized like some teachers you will not have a lot of work to do in the evens, which she admitted she is not very organized at all and I am very organized so that was encouraging for me.

I met a principal in the district about a month ago or so through a very good friend of the family. She seemed really nice and inviting and told me when your ready to do observations just call me. Well I ran into her at fall festival at her school and I said "hi do you remember me" and she said "of course" and asked me when I was coming to her school to teach! I thought that was really great! It's so hard with me working full time and my vacation time is almost all gone this year so I'm hoping next year I will space it out more. I'm really looking forward to spending more time in the classroom. I think I finally know where I belong and what it is I'm suppose to do with my life. I just wish I could finish school faster! I'm so excited about what my future has to hold and I'm really looking forward to it!