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I am looking for observation ideas… either reading letter b and sounding out cvc words or beginning ten frames… please help because this group has smallest attention span…


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I'm not sure what "reading letter b" is...

CVC words - my favorite, and most worthwhile, cvc lesson is to do word chains. They can be done with white boards, letter manipulatives, letter cards, anything. Give a word and the kids write it or make it with cards/letters. Then change the word by one sound and they have to figure out what needs to be changed. Simplest is the beginning sound, then final, then medial. For my high group I'll throw in digraphs as well. A fun and more movement oriented version is to give every child a different letter card and then say a word. If they hear their sound in the word they come up and then we sound it out as a class to see if they got it right.

Beginning ten frames - do you mean they haven't used a ten frame at all? Are you just wanting to do number recognition? Or are they using them for combinations of 10? What's the standard you are teaching?