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Obviously Miracle Whip is for psychopaths, but what about mayo?


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I've always thought mayo was mayo and I get the store brand, which this time around was Kroger's. It tasted okayish, but it didn't look right. a little translucent.
This time I went for a name brand claiming to be the best food. Much better.

I've lived a long time before realizing something as simple as mayo can be done wrong.


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I think it is the same as what you bought. The label is the same except for the name, along with the website.


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No joke, it makes a difference. It must be Best Foods/Hellmann’s. And it must be regular, not low-fat or whatever nonsense.


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Miracle Whip Light for me. LOL Mayo is beyond disgusting......<!--yuck-->
And I have French Canadian heritage and live 3 hours south of the border, so maybe that's why I think that. Lol!


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Okay, I've found something I don't envy about the Canadians

LOLLOLLOL My exact thought!

I grew up in NY on Hellmans and still eat it living in the South. Don’t know that I’ve ever had Dukes, not knowingly anyway!


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I grew up on Hellman's in Michigan. When we moved to Oregon (as an adult), I looked for it, and couldn't find it. I saw a label that looked the same, but it was "Best". Then a jingle ran through my head, "Bring out the Hellman's and bring out the Best". Ah ha! Same stuff, different name in different parts of the country.
Yes, brands made a difference. Also, Miracle Whip is icky.


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Nothing but Dukes for us, here in NC. I use it in deviled eggs, potato salad and on sandwiches. Always delicious!

word girl

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Same for me but backwards! I grew up in CA on Best Foods and moved to NY and switched to Hellmann's.


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Kind of like Pepsi/Coke, it took me a long time to tell the difference between Miracle Whip and mayo. Either is fine with me if I need it, but MW is a little sweeter so it does better in things like deviled eggs, I think.


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Yes to Best Foods (Hellman’s east of the Rockies.). Everything else is either too oily or bad tasting.

My mother once tried convincing me Miraclewhip was the same as mayo. I may have only been five but, hey lady, I call bs on that one.


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Ok this is so weird. I usually get Hellman’s, but my DH just came home the other day with Duke’s brand and said “the sign said this was the best so I figured we could try it”. LOL

Now I’ll need to report back if I’m in the Hellman’s or Duke’s camp. <!--giggle-->


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My dh is a mayo man. I grew up on Miracle WHip. For the first 20 years of our marriage I bought both. After that point I decided I could go either way, so I only bought mayo. However, sometimes I do buy the light because I eat more of it than dh does! I just want to save a few calories and I am willing to do it with a lesser mayo.

I buy cheap, but I can taste a difference. I just don't care. Never saw or heard of Dukes. I bet I do if I ever get to go to a store.


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It has to be Hellman's Mayo. I like the one made with olive oil. Miracle Whip is disgusting to me. I would rather do without that have Miracle Whip.


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We buy Blue Plate here, but I like Hellman's as well. Miracle Whip has a tang that isn't appealing to me.

Duke's Mayo is super yummy! I thought it was too high in fat, but I just checked the label and it doesn't appear to be. I may be switching.