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October Themed Lesson for Social Studies


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Every October in NY 7th grade classrooms, teachers usually are teaching a unit on Discovery and Exploration. I have a neat unit, full of projects. One of them is the Explorer Graveyard. It is more than appropriate for the Halloween season. I have students research explorers,until they find one who died in a spooky, gruesome or unusual way. (Hint, teachers, most of them died this way.) They must research the explorer (you can set the specifications). One of the products of this research is a gravestone with a witty rhyme depicting the circumstances of that explorer's death. They actually put this on construction paper tombstones, which go into a cool grave yard bulletin board. Students love this assignment. This year I am going to scan some of the tombstones onto my website. If you want to check it out, wait until the end of October, and go to www.arcezone.com.


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What content area do you teach? nfm

Just wondering if it was part of a social studies or English unit or combination of the two?