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Old computers


Mrs. J

Where do I get rid of an old computer? It was hit with a virus and is not repairable, but I want to get it out of my garage.




People love to tinker with computers so they sell very quickly at a garage sale. Also, a computer repair shop would love it. My 11 year old likes to take them apart and back again. I wish I lived by you!!


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old computers

My husband repairs computers and says that the only thing that a virus would wreck would be the hard drive. It might cost you some money to repair though.
If you are looking just to get rid of it, you could contact your local AITP (association of information technology professionals) chapter, my husband says that sometimes they are able to take computers to rebuild them. Also, you could contact local universities like DeVry University or ITT. Sometimes they have technology days where they take in broken electronics, repair them and donate them back to the needy. Or, you could always donate it to the Salvation Army or Purple Heart.


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Recycle Center

Some larger cities have computer recycle center where you can take your old computer parts. I don't think Goodwill will take them; it has to be a specific kind of center. You might also want to check with a local school to see if they would have any use for them.