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Old West Theme


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I would like ideas for an old west theme that I am working on for I love to read month. Please HELP! I need ideas for bulletin boards, books, reading incentives etc. Thank you in advance.


Old West

My first thoughts for your BB are about roping. Cover BB surface with bandanas. Trim your BB with rope (bailing rope, sisal, whatever). Fashion a lasso and "wrangle" some of your favorite book titles on the BB. Include a construction paper split-rail fence. Maybe you could also hang a cardboard wagon wheel, then use inside sections of the wagon wheel on your BB to earn class or individual incentives: "fill up all the sections and you'll get ___."


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Wild West Theme Ideas

I used this a classroom theme a couple of years ago...

Reading Round Up
Buckaroo Book Log
Kids earned Buffalo Bucks
Reading nook had a real saddle they could sit on to read
How I Spent My Summer Vacation (Teague) is a good picture book read aloud
Mrs. T's Most Wanted... Readers, Read Alouds, fill in as you please
Reading Ranch
Ranch Hands

My mind is going blank now. I have more ideas at school. Check the Proteacher archives. There are lots of ideas there. Slogans listed might help get your creative juices flowing...