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One week until state assessments!


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Ok, we are down to the wire. Just wondering what the rest of you do to utilize this last amount of precious time. Thanks.


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State and district assessments

We just finished state assessments and now we must give district assessments. Each assessment must be done individually.
Fun yes! (severe sarcasm here)



Wow, you guys test early. Our state tests are in mid-April. I would not be ready to test in March! I am trying to review the next few weeks to prepare for testing.


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just finished our state testing

The two weeks prior to testing we take several practice tests and go over the answers. I know it's skill and drill, but I find their confidence goes up as they see their test scores rise. By the time we get to the real deal they are feeling like they understand the format, types of questions, everything.

I don't believe in jumping through the math book just to get through before FCAT, so we take the two weeks before the test to at least touch on the rest of the book. We finish our special Harcourt FCAT 3rd grade math workbook so they can see all the types of problems they may encounter. It's also a nice preview for the rest of the year.