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I was wondering if anyone had a list of books and/or lesson plan suggestions for onomatopeia........eveyone here has such wonderful ideas..I always appreciate what is shared! I teach second grade, but my kids reading abilities range from concepts of print to beginning of second grade.

Thank you!


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Just did the best lesson...

on onomatopoeias. We read the book Giggle Giggle Quack by Doreen Cronin, and I also brought in samples from the Sunday comics to demonstrate different types of them. The kids were so intrigued. I didn't even tell them what an onomatopoeia was before the lesson, and they deduced it based on the book. Afterward, we brainstormed different types of onomatopoeia words and the kids illustrated their own comic making sure to use the words in there somewhere.


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"Dig, Wait, Listen: A Desert Toad's Tale" by April Pulley is a good book to use for onomatopoeia.


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What I have done

I love using the comics! There is sooooo many examples of it in them - I have the kids bring in the weekend comics and we highlight all the examples. If you have a smartboard I would definitely use it to model locating and recognizing the onomatopeia. WE come up with the definition and also try to use it as much as we can in our own writing. As a culminating activity I have the kids produce a picture that has it in it - some have made a train and it has "CHoo CHoo!" on it......
Robert Munsch is also an author that uses this literacy device too.....


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"Rattletrap Car" is a great book to use for onomatopoeia. It's at school and I don't know the name of the author right off hand.