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oops I feel bad!!


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Today I had a boy in my class with ketchup all over his shirt when I asked him what happened, he told me his friend did it. His friend started interupting and tell his side of the story. I kept asking him to stop but he kept interupting me. I told him to wait his turn he didn't. I told him to sit back down and I would talk to him. He did for about 3 seconds. Finally after having a headache for 3 hours and the stress of cleaning up and going home I told him to shut up. I feel awful. I have never ever told a child to shut up. He kept interupting and I just blurted it out. He acted like it didn't phase him


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in the grand scheme of things

if that's the worst thing that ever happens to that kid at school, he's a lucky boy. Of course you're feeling like it wasn't exactly your shining moment, but the memory will fade :)


I think you should take the student aside and apologize. We all lose our cool somethimes and I think it takes a bigger person to admit they made a mistake.


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I too agree with the previous poster, in that you should explain how badly you felt and apologize. However, this could be in a discussion with all those that may have heard you. Let them know that you are just like them...very human and often we humans make mistakes. And, it was refreshing to read what Kirsten wrote...that this young man would be lucky if having "Shut up" to him was the worst thing that could happen.

Pro Teacher is so valuable. I'm glad you wrote. Hope these messages help you to see we've all been there. (Or at least those of us that are HUMAN!) :-)



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We have all lost our cool at some point. The kid didn't take the hint when you asked him nicely the first several times, and you stressed out. I don't blame you. I've said things to kids that I regretted, and I just reminded myself that I have to be patient and follow through with the discipline procedures. Chances are that it wasn't that big of a deal to him as it seems in your mind. If you think you ought to apologize, go ahead, but he may not even think it's that big of a deal.


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We all get stressed out from time to time. If you are really bothered by what you said, you should apologize. Even if he doesn;t need it, it might make you feel better.

Marie from PA


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I would explain to the young boy that you were tired and stressed, but it is not an excuse for your behavior. Appologize. We are all humans and make mistakes. Children actually enjoy seeing their teachers making a mistake. Laugh it off with him.