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Open House HELP!


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They say timing is everything...
Our Open House is scheduled the Thursday after we return from Spring break. Several teachers have done their homework and planned way ahead to make sure they have lots of projects to show off. I have a major project planned for the following weeks to coincide with a science unit we will be doing. We are working on plants, but I don't want to plant them before we leave and have them die. Any great, fabulous, impress the administration ideas that won't take a ton of time and money to produce would be greatly appreciated.

Mrs. G

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I'm not sure what grade you teach, but this can be adapted. Have students illustrate a scene from the current story you are reading and write a summary at the bottom of the picture. You could even assign this to small groups and have them do it on a large piece of bulletin board paper.:p


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open house

my idea is a little bit timely, but it's fun:

i make a parent "report card" for students to fill out--

there are categories for every subject (language: awesome paragraph and literary devices--simile, personification, "the blues"--listed by paragraph; math: fractions games, real world percent problems; reading: book reports in the hallway, idiom cartoons in the hallway...)

anyway, the students take the parents around the room to "teach" and test them on various things we have done this year in our curricular subjects. (some of the things i put out are things i do every year.)

Hockey Fan

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Do you have any photos (digital or otherwise) of activites done this year that you could post? If you have digital, you could create a slide show that would run continuously. If you don't have digital you could still crate a display that shows activities in the room.


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More info?


This sounds like a really cool idea. Can you give me more details about what you are talking about??