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Open House-Photo Opp Ideas Needed



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We have Open House on Tuesday Night and our students start on Wednesday. In past years (pre-Covid), parents were able to come into our classroom that first day of school and stay for a few minutes. They took the traditional "first day of school" photo. Some parents would even come to school to take a photo of their child coming off the bus. Anyway, this year parents are not allowed in the front of the school during bus arrival and cannot enter the building to meet their child in the classroom (Covid protocols and security reasons).

I usually take a first day of school photo to give to parents. I have a picture frame that I made for students to hold around their face. It has apples, books, abc and 123 and First Day of Kindergarten (current year) around the frame. I will take those on Wednesday morning.

This year I'd like to set up a photo opp for parents to take a photo of their child while they are at Open House. Does anyone have any cute ideas for a saying or some prompts I could have them use? I want to keep it simple since we have school the next day.

I will have them do a scavenger hunt (in our classroom), do a survey (find the 2 cards with their name to answer two questions in pocket chart), do the photo opp , meet the teacher (I will give them a book), find their table/seat (get a parent info packet and Pop-It for the child) and visit the hall bathroom. Parents and their child are divided into groups by first letter of last name. Each group has an assigned time. They have roughly 20-25 minutes before the next group comes. Unfortunately, this year most of my families will be in the first group-17. :eek: I think I only have 3 or 4 in the second group.<!--giggle-->


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What about something related to your school mascot - "Now I'm a ___", or it could be something more generic like "Kindergarten Rocks"?

If you have a Michaels nearby mine just had a bunch of welcome to school/first day balloon sets and photo backdrops on clearance for 80% off.