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Oral Reports


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I'm looking for an idea on oral reports that I can end the year with. They did one earlier this year on a book report and now I want them to do another one in April or May. Any suggestions on topics?


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Oh...that sounds like fun. They could report on their summer vacation plans, what thrid grade will be like, the thing they liked best about second grade, what they feel they excelled at in 2nd grade, or possibly your last unit you do in science/health/social studies? i think we mighy try something like that too! Thanks for the idea.


Junior Member
I would have them do a oral report using visuals. Here is what I have done in the past. Give each student a bag, they then choose 5-6 objects that tell about their subject. The student who is reporting, pulls one object out of the bag at a time and tells how it relates to their topic. For example, I would have them put 5-6 objects in their bag about what they would like to do on the summer vacation. Great Fun!